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  1. josh gellis says:

    Hey Alex,

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your Queen of Dragons article. It was really fun to read. Cheers.

    Josh Gellis

  2. Sarah says:

    The “Karey Lee Story” and new Album “A Million Miles Away” is a SMASH HIT for advocates and music lovers all around the world. Everyone in the entire country is trying to figure out how such a talented, first-time, non-violent, marijuana offender was sentenced to 13 years in Federal Prison. Karey Lee may sit in a Federal Prison but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing a new album that has went viral and sold hundreds of PRE SALES even before its release on TUESDAY JULY 9th. God this story is Incredible, and the music that I have heard is so good, and so inspiring. Its jaw-dropping how someone could get this much time for POT!! What happened? Were talking about “MARIJUANA” its legal in half of the country for Christ sake. We are cheering you on Karey Lee, Its no wonder you have thousands of supporters behind you. We believe in this guy, We believe in the movement…WE WANT MORE!! FREE KAREY LEE!!

  3. Hi Alex,

    Your Tao Lin piece, and last year’s piece on Hunter Moore, were intriguing. Both pieces actually made me feel uncomfortable–and I mean that in a good way. 🙂

    Are you open to hearing a pitch for a story idea, either via wordpress or other channel?


  4. Valerie M says:

    Are you Alex Morris of “Confessions of a Serial Cheater”? If so, please email me. I would love to pass an email on to this person. Nothing negative, it really spoke to me. If you want, you can email me first to confirm the validity of my intentions. Thanks.

  5. Hey Alex,

    I’m doing a school project on “good” journalism techniques. I found your article Hidden War Against Gay Teens on the IRE blog… it’s excellent. Could you give me a look into your writing process for that story? What inspired you to write it, how difficult it was to find sources, reader feedback so far, etc.

    It would be so cool to present your story to my class and have actual quotes from you about the writing process!


    • jalexmorris says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I’m so sorry for the delay getting back to you! I actually had a baby three weeks ago, so I’m just now getting caught up on emails sent around that time. Anyway, I’d love to help out (and thanks for the kind words). Is it too late???


  6. Lindsay Sagnette says:

    Hi Alex,
    Hope all is well! It’s Lindsay here. It’s been an age and a day, but I was wondering if you would be open to an interview from someone in publishing. More details to come. Please email me at if you’re up for it. Hope all is well and hope to be in touch with you soon.
    All best,
    Lindsay Sagnette

  7. Mike Darling says:

    Hey Alex,

    Great story in Rolling Stone. I’d like to talk to you about possible assignments for Men’s Health, but don’t see your contact info here. Feel free to drop me a line at

  8. Alex, loved your new article! Awesome read; you’ve got a fantastic writing style! I’m sure you’re already working on a book, but if not, you should really think about it! I’d read it. Cheers!

  9. Ajesh says:

    Alex, I’d love to talk to you about a possible commission for Harper’s Bazaar. Perhaps you could email me with your telephone number at

  10. Daniel says:

    Hi Alex,
    I’d like to speak with you about a story, based on your great work with The Hidden War Against Gay Teens. It’s been written up by The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, GLAAD, PolicyMic, and others but I’d like find the right person to frame it in a constructive and meaningful way. Thanks.

  11. Hi Alex,
    I’d like to speak with you regarding a story, due to your great work on The Hidden War Against Gay Teens. It has been featured by The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, GLAAD, and Sirius XM Radio but I would like to get in touch about finding a way to frame it in a constructive and meaningful way. Thanks.

  12. Kate says:

    Hi Alex,

    Interested in having you join a HuffPost Live segment. Could you shoot me an email? Would appreciate it!


  13. loonybird says:

    Hi Alex, I tried finding your email over the internet after reading your story about homeless LGBT teens, which moved me greatly. I just wanted to thank you for writing such a human story. I would like to write to you if I can get your email.

    Thank you!

  14. Just read your piece on homeless LGBT teens. Thank you for your excellent writing. Yes, your writing–clear, interesting, having good flow/sequencing/transitions. I’ll look for more of your articles. (Found this one on FB.) Ever consider writing for The New Yorker? Well, if you have, and they haven’t taken any pieces, it’s TNY’s and its readership’s loss.

    Also, I bet you’d be a great writing instructor. University writing programs should deliver writers that write as well as you (but mostly they don’t).

    Whatever your mix of hard work and talent is, it’s working.

  15. Ernie says:

    Just read the article in RS1217 – I am currently in post on an indie feature called “Christine At The Crossroads” which is a fictional take based on many lesbian women I know and is not all that different from Jackie’s story. Would love to send you a private link to our rough cut.

  16. Rachel says:

    Hey Alex, I just read your article about LGBT homeless youths. I’m a closeted teen with homophobic parents. I’m afraid that my situation might end up being very similar to those kids in your article. Jackie is really an inspiration to me. If there was some way you could get me in contact with her, that would be amazing.


    • jalexmorris says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you so much for reading the article and reaching out. I think Jackie would be very happy to speak with you. Let me just confirm with her.

      I’ll be in touch again very soon.


  17. Hi Alex
    Loved your article in Rolling Stone on Millenials- the editor from Paychotherapy Networker magazine called to let me know you mentioned my article and my book, “The New Monogamy.” I appreciated so much your recognition of the movement that has happened around this revolution in relationships.

    i liked your thoughts about the hooking up generation and it made me reflect on all of the couples I work with as well, of all ages. I think it’s not just happening in young people- (I see it in what I call “suburban monogamy” as well, a sort of emotional monogamy with open sexual behaviors in what would appear to be conservative, married couples – the head of the PTA and her husband, for instance, who on the weekends have sex with their couple friends when the kids are at a play date.)

    I would love to talk more with you and am happy to send you a signed copy of my book, The New Monogamy. Please send me a mailing address to forward it to you.

    And thanks again for your article, I will blog about it and send it to all of my social media contacts on FB and Twitter, etc.

    My email is and my cell is 203-942-9616. I would love to talk more with you about another piece when you have time, about monogamy agreements, erotic recovery after infidelity, sexuality and the new monogamy- there is so much here.
    You are right on the cusp of such a hot topic, and your article was brilliantly written.

    Dr Tammy Nelson

  18. Dear Alex Morris, Read your article in Rolling Stone:

    I am the author of the Open Letter to Pope Francis that is gaining press, which is now in Spanish and German (in process of translation). I also live in the Bronx.

    Visit these sites to see it:

    Let’s continue to work for change.

    Ben Brenkert

  19. Carter Klomon says:

    Hello this is Carter Klomon with Revolver Records. We are looking to get in touch you in regard to a interview for a new artist born with a rare intersex condition
    and an incredible story, on top of it, her first single and music video with celebrities involved is releasing in the upcoming new year.

    Thanks much!


  20. Cathleen Beasley says:

    Are you THE Alex Morris who wrote article in Sunday Independent Mag.Ireland.
    Is Donald Trump mentally ill? Congratulations .. Well researched ..informative and spot on.
    For anyone who has suffered at the hands of a malignant narcissist this is a must read.
    Thank you .Cathleen

  21. Hi Alex: I just read your article about Alyssa Costello in Rolling Stone. Although I am in my 50’s and financially comfortable at this point, my experience was very similar to hers when I had my daughter in the mid-80s. Your reporting moved me to tears. I would like to help her out but have no idea how to get in touch with her. Wondering if you could contact me and we could discuss?

  22. suzanne says:

    Hi Alex! Sending a note to a writer has me a bit nervous, and I hope that this gets to you and that you can help get the message out for me. Nervous, because I am not a writer, and I’ve never felt compelled to write an author of an article until now. So here goes….Yesterday I was doing my Saturday thing chilling with my dogs and seeing if there were any interesting reads on my Texture app, and I read your article in Rolling Stone about Allyson Costello, and it just moved me. Is there any way that you can get this to Allyson?…..What I want to get to her is this – Allyson, your story really moved me as did the unfairness of this world. I’m not one of those who feels that profit is a dirty word, but it becomes a dirty word when there is such a large gap where the driver for companies is shareholder interest / bottom lines, thus make those at the bottom the ones who suffer.

    What I hope is that my note can give you some hope by sharing a little of my story. A while back my friend had done an interview on where I came from. I’ll put a link at the bottom for you. For you, it’s going to be harder than those of us who have succeeded without children because you have Atlas to care for. What I hope is that you maybe see another way besides Starbucks. Could you pick up some house cleaning gigs on top of Starbucks where you bring Atlas with you to earn some extra cash? Have you thought about doing sales? For me, it was the car business that helped to straighten me out during and after my cleaning up off of cocaine. Who do you admire? Forget the Kardashians….lol, are there people who are successful who you admire. Have you thought about seeing if you could work for them? Or, YouTube? Is there someone you admire that you’d like to emulate. Another great sales field is real estate. I’m also going to say what many people don’t. College, for most, is a waste. It’s a debt trap. When I’m hiring for my team, that’s the least on my list of things that I pay attention to. I’d rather hire someone who’s had a tough set of circumstances because they know the value of hard work. Allyson, I hope I’ve given you some hope. In Alex’s article, your love for Atlas shines.

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