weekend workshop

“How did you become a freelance journalist?”

This is a question I get asked constantly—at cocktail parties, at panel events, in college classrooms, even sometimes from the people I’m interviewing for an article. And the question often lurking behind it—“How can I become a freelance journalist?”—is one that I once (painfully, desperately) asked myself.

In a culture where flextime and freelance have become holy-grail buzzwords—evoking cozy images of coffee and a laptop by the fire—the path to a freelance career is still very hazy. There’s no college recruitment to work for oneself. There’s no clear-cut corporate ladder. Most people realize that one job can lead to the next, but how do you get that first job? Where do you even begin?

My freelance journalism workshop is designed to give you a solid place to start. Over the course of a weekend, you’ll write, refine, and workshop a pitch—and learn where and how to send it. You’ll also create a writing sample that will help sell it. At the end of the weekend, you’ll have all the material and information you need to go after your first assignment, even if you’ve never published anything before.

As a Contributing Editor at New York magazine and a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone, I know how to turn one freelance job into a steady career (without ever having to go into the office). My goal for students is that at the end of a weekend, they’d have the tools, knowledge, and material to do this for themselves.

Upcoming workshops in New York:

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